Exo-Terra Thermoelectric Reptile Egg Incubator

Exo-Terra Thermoelectric Reptile Egg Incubator

SKU: XPT22445

The Exo-Terra Thermoelectric Reptile Egg Incubator provides a controlled environment to facilitate a safe and healthy hatching process. Unlike other incubators, it features an automatic heating and cooling combination that maintains a specified internal temperature range.

  • Digital temperature control
  • Double slide-out shelves for maximum space
  • Accurate cooling and heating combination
  • Prevents egg loss
  • 2 incubation containers included

The Exo-Terra Incubator's cooling and heating combination allows the incubation chamber to self-regulate in order to maintain the temperature set by the Digital Temperature Control. This is extremely useful in rapidly changing environments or during extreme weather (such as hot summers). A removable tray at the bottom of the chamber holds water to create natural humidity.

The front panel features an on/off switch to control the interior light, allowing you to monitor eggs without disturbing the incubation process. This Incubator is an excellent option for climate controlled transportation of reptiles and amphibians, and great for hibernation.

Carrying Handle
Car Adaptor (12V)

Dimensions: 12.6L x 14.2W x 17.7H