Flukers Ultra Deluxe Premium Heat Mat

Flukers Ultra Deluxe Premium Heat Mat

SKU: FK29050

Flukers Ultra Deluxe Premium Heat Mat is an easy way to warm up your pets life. This durable under-tank heater provides uniform, evenly distributed warmth and may be used in or outside the terrarium.

  • Provides uniform, evenly distributed heat
  • May be used inside or outside terrariums
  • Safe for all reptiles and amphibians

The Premium Heat Mat is easy to use and built to last. It generates a constant 100??F and is safe for all reptiles and amphibians. Choose the size that best fits your pets habitat.

Important: Read ALL instructions BEFORE using your Heat Mat.

Mini: 2 Watts - 4 x 5 - (Mini Tanks)
Small: 7 Watts - 6 x 11 - (10-20 Gallon Tanks)
Medium: 12 Watts - 11 x 11 - (20-30 Gallon Tanks)
Large: 20 Watts - 11 x 17 - (30-40 Gallon Tanks)
Jumbo: 35 Watts - 11 x 29 - (50+ Gallon Tanks)