Zilla Terrarium Thermometer/Hygrometer Digital Gauge

Zilla Terrarium Thermometer/Hygrometer Digital Gauge

SKU: RP68028

The Zilla Digital Terrarim Thermometer-Hygrometer allows terrarium owners to monitor the two most critical reptile environment variables at a single glance. It features 2 highly accurate remote sensor probes, with a large digital readout that displays both temperature and relative humidity on an easy-to-read display.

  • Precise digital readout for both temperature and humidity
  • Clock with alarm and calendar
  • Designed for fast, easy installation

The thermometer tracks minimum and maximum temperatures from 23?F to 122?F (-5?C to +50?C), while the hygrometer reads relative humidity from 30% to 90%. A separate probe for each parameter means more accurate positioning, and each probe wire is 57 long to suit even the largest terrariums.

A set of included suction cups and a built-in stand for the processing unit make setup easier. The unit features an integrated digital calendar and reminder alarm to keep your condition checks, feedings or pet treatments on schedule.